It was just a Nerve

This story goes back to the time when she came as a blessing but what does not come with twists and turns. Read this story of a fighter who strongly believes in communication does wonders and is the only key to achieving everything in life.

16 February, 2021

The Birth of a child is considered as a miracle by many But not everyone is that fortunate, some deals with lot of complication for the miracle to happen.

Forcep births has been a grand success in the last few years, but unfortunately mine led to complications. Nerve damage caused whilst the birth led to severe complications in breathing and my physical movements . To help myself I Got to wear support boots and went to physiotherapy since I was 10 months, which mercifully helped me walk and stand properly.

As time passed by and I grew up to be in 3rd Grade, I remember How I was constantly teased and bullied because of my disability and support shoes that I had on. Being a child so naive I threw my boots away to save myself from bullying and embarrassment , But  who knew the mistake could left me dependent for whole life?

It left me with deformities and again 2 years down I was with those boots again, With no option left, with fear and  anxiety I had to face my peers again. But this time with a brave smile I decided not to harm myself anymore and accepted the reality of  me wearing the boots .

Again I had to face another surgery, of course for my betterment .But no betterment comes without challenges ,Due to drop I had to repeat the 9th grade and was bullied and targeted by everyone around, But of course with hardships we have to fight on, I cleared my 10th Grade as well and Ironically I won hearts of the people I was once bullied by.

Throughout this I was always supported by my Family, I am short of words in expressing their importance in my life. As time passed by few people lend their  supportive hands to me and tried to accept and understand the way I am. 

I would like to extend a special thanks to Janvi ma'am, the most supportive counsellor of mine, she guided me through the tough times. I looked up to her and decided to study counselling, As counselling requires verbal communication skills and has nothing to do with one's physical condition. And hence I found my calling. Onlookers were impressed by my  communication and oratory skills, Gracefully I did anchoring and hosted puppet shows and was acknowledged with awards and recognition as well.

You must be wondering why am I telling you all this, the reason is to spread awareness against teasing and bullying. Instead of saying mean things to people, rather support and encourage them and help them believe in themselves.

And that  life brings difficulties and you will feel alone, but never stop believing in yourself. Search for your interests and talents, you are bound to find them sooner or later. And in the meantime, share and express your feelings, don't hide yourself it will not do you any good... Communicate! Sorrow lessens when shared and Joy increases when shared!

~ Vedika Verma