My Son

Every wondered what it is to be a parent of a disabled child? Read the story of this mother of an autistic child, fighting the world for her son.

31 August, 2021

The Joy, the excitement, the fear when a family finds out that they are going to have a child very soon is immeasurable. Of course Being a Parent is a huge thing, but moreover becoming a Parent is Huge Responsibility altogether, every Mother is excited to have a child, so was I. Being a Mother is indeed a lovely feeling. Being a Teacher by profession, I have always dealt with Children, some are cute, some are sweet, some are cranky but each one is unique. But you only understand parenthood when you have your own.


I was 28 when I conceived, and went through a whole new experience of being pregnant and excited for the upcoming motherhood. The process was lovely and everything was amazing. Nine months down the road I gave a birth to a baby boy, healthy and cute, my little angel! He was like a magic in our life. Everything was perfect and beautiful until one day, two years after his birth, a friend of mine noticed that my baby boy wasn’t responding to his name, was not making any eye with anyone and was constantly babbling. I thought that it was maybe normal for a kid this young but my friend being a special educator told me that it something was wrong. I was shocked, I was not able to believe that something could be wrong with my angel. Neither could my family believe that there could be something was with our child. I started questioning myself, thinking what went wrong during my pregnancy.


It was a matter concerning my child, my husband and I made no delays and went to consult a professional regarding what my friend said. The professional assessed my child and diagnosed him with Delayed Development and asked us to come back after a year for further diagnoses. It was a difficult and heartbreaking process, but we decided to stay strong, we took care of our child in the best was we could. We made sure all his needs were met and alongside we read everything we could find on delayed development.


It has been 3 years since then, my child has been diagnosed with autism, and dealing with an autistic child can be a challenge. We are trying our best, making regular visits at the intervention centre and trying involve with our child, the best we can.


Being a parent of a disabled child is really difficult, handling society’s reaction towards our child, handling the reactions of our families on both the sides, handling ourselves, it is highly exhausting, mentally. Seeing your child and can’t help feeling guilty and thinking what went wrong, is heartbreaking in ways I can’t explain. But we have to look towards the future now, make sure our child has an appropriate life which he deserves. Because every disabled child has a right to live a fruitful and regular life.


Finally I would like to say that ask for help when needed, understand the process, accept the process and then working the on process will help both the parent as well as the child to lead a fruitful life. And that is what it is all about.

~ Anonymous