Teenage years are said to be a golden period of life, But it is also a slippery road. Read this story of our hero going through what is considered normal teenage life these days.

31 July, 2021

Teenage years are said to be a golden period of life, But also a slippery road. I heard about it a lot, but never understood the dicey part. But of course, life had a different plan to make us understand, everyone has their crushes and friends and slowly we pass through a phase where we start liking someone and want those infatuations and love to take forward. So that's what happened to me as well, I met a Guy, I started liking him and until no time we were in a dating phase. Of course, the beginning is always golden and shiny, and we never realize until we take few steps further. As a teenage we feel we are all mature, but that isn't true right? Within no time the relationship started becoming more and more toxic, I was being controlled, my actions were his commands, my daily life started revolving around him, How I behave, with whom I talk, with whom I interact, Whom I go out, who should be my friends and lot more. I started feeling suffocated. It became so toxic that I had to lose all my closest friends; specifically male friends otherwise I would become a victim of physical abuse. He would make up, Apologize, justifying his Obsession and Possessiveness, describing his toxicity to be his profound love for me. It made no sense to me, and there was a moment where I just burst off, It had become so toxic that I had lost my own self, I was all shattered into pieces where I couldn't identify myself. And there was a turning point where I wanted to change all that was happening. A friend of mine, specifically studying psychology helped me realized the toxicity that was covering me and helped me heal. It of course takes time, efforts and more importantly courage to help yourself heal. I decided to help myself and started discovering my new self, A self-leading to the process of healing. It's a difficult phase of course, But it has taught me one and the most important thing; To make yourself your own priority. We have to realize what is more important to us. Our mental and physical health should be always our topmost priority. No one should have power over you, and control your wellbeing.

~ Anonymous