Dancing Soul

How would it feel when people decide to use your passions against you in a derogatory manner? Learn how this talented young dancer had to face all odds to clear her name just because.

15 January, 2021

This is the story from the time when I used to be cheerful and well versed in tapping my feet around that can capture flashes in people’s memories, at least that is what I believed. 

For me, things were regular until one day something happened which was completely unimaginable on my part.

I remember I was a ninth-grader when the incident took place, I used to dance as it was the only thing that truly made me happy until I heard rumors about me and that is when it came to my realization that my intriguing interests in dancing were looked up in a way through which my self-respect could be vandalized. My selection as the choreographer for the farewell dance raised many eyebrows of my ‘so-called’ seniors.

I realized all of it a little too late, the rumors were so intense and widespread that clearing my name of it was taking a toll on me. I was completely shattered to a point where I was so lonely that I spent my days crying in isolation. And in addition to this, I found out that people whom I trusted and hung out with were the ones who refrained from supporting me in this situation. It hurts to even think about it today, my seniors did not even consider a gesture of denial about those rumors. I was at a stage where it wouldn't take much to end my life to escape this.

With my self-esteem and confidence being crushed to the core, my family was my only savior, and of course, that one sir who came to me on a Social Camp and patted me on the back, consoling me to not cry in the washrooms and face my problems bravely. They helped me to start my life from scratch. They pushed me through and helped me build my esteem little by little. I did not seek clinical help, because I was not sure if I needed the same, I just knew it hurt too much and I wanted it to stop. 

My family picked my shattered pieces and helped me understand that my life has a purpose. I have grown to become grateful for the times in my life that got me here and I’m happy that I did not let one suffering cripple my spirit forever, and now I’m looking forward to spreading the same spirit and word for the people out there.

~ Prishita Basia