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Pre-Wedding Titters

Being married is fun and amazing, but there are things that the only the one getting married knows. Read the story of our real-life hero who shared his experience of getting married.

31 October, 2021

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Corporate! Decorated but not Simple

It is said that having a daily routine can clarify your thoughts and help you grow towards any goal you decide. But what if you are actually stuck in that routine and instead of growing, you feel like you are losing yourself in bits and pieces everyday?

30 September, 2021

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My Son

Every wondered what it is to be a parent of a disabled child? Read the story of this mother of an autistic child, fighting the world for her son.

31 August, 2021

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Teenage years are said to be a golden period of life, But it is also a slippery road. Read this story of our hero going through what is considered normal teenage life these days.

31 July, 2021

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It's not just a Phase

Everybody has gone through a difficult phase in their lives, some have conquered it, some have helped others and some are still caught in that phase. This is the story of a Hero who has gone through and fought against mental illness which had disguised itself as just another phase.

30 June, 2021

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Life Goes On

But Ready Or Not, Life Goes On. - Sidney Sheldon. I suppose this describes everyone's life in a nutshell. There will be times when life will give you lemons but you would not even know what a lemon is!! So what? Life still goes on. Read the story of a family of Covid Warriors.

25 May, 2021

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Time Does Not Heal All Wounds

Did you know that stuttering is a complex set of behaviors that interfere with fluent speech? And that about 1% of adults and 3% of children stutter? She is one of them. Read through the story of @v_kamya and find out the problems an individual faces due to stuttering.

16 April, 2021

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Survivor of Life

Family, a rock to support you, a shoulder to cry on, the source of ones courage. That is what I believe a family is or should be to an individual. But what happens when that rock gets cracked or that shoulder just disappears? This is the story of a little girl whose mother has been the source of her strength, even in her death.

30 March, 2021

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It was just a Nerve

This story goes back to the time when she came as a blessing but what does not come with twists and turns. Read this story of a fighter who strongly believes in communication does wonders and is the only key to achieving everything in life.

16 February, 2021

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Dancing Soul

How would it feel when people decide to use your passions against you in a derogatory manner? Learn how this talented young dancer had to face all odds to clear her name just because.

15 January, 2021

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Myasthenia Gravis Fighter

How would you react if you came to know you are struggling with an auto-immune disorder, and there is not much that you can do about it? Read our Fighter's story about how a young sportsperson battles Myasthenia Gravis.

13 December, 2020

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